Pirate Colour Series Continues with Red

You can have a splash of red or cover an entire pirate outfit of red at Pirate Fashions. Here be arrr huge collection of pirate n' wench garb in jolly, bloody n' crimson red. Other than black, red be the most popular color for harlots n' buccaneers.  Since antiquity, red has been the symbol of life n' passion.  Red cloth has been very expensive to dye, that be why it symbolizes wealth n'power. The dye is made of cochineal, an insect which feeds on opuntia, a prickly pear cactus plant. The Spanish imported it from South America starting in the 14th century.  King Louis loved the color so much he had his heels painted red, which started a fashion statement over all the courts in Europe. If ye looking to dress as Dead Red, Redd the Lady Pirate, or the Scarlet Pirate, we can help. View the Red Collection.

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