Pirate News

June be Burgundy Month

Hoist yar Colours! Burgundy be a deep reddish brown shade inspired by the wine from the French region called Burdeaux. This be arrr grand collection of pirate garb in the color burgundy, oxblood n' maroon. Next to black n' red, burgundy be the next most popular colour fer pyrates!

Burgundy be associated with higher class society n' signifies sophistication, ambition n' power. As you can see we have a boat load of pirate n' wench garb in burgundy to make a costume of all burgundy or with burgundy accents.

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Brown be the May Colours

Hoist yar Colours!Brown be the color of earth, wood n' home.  During the 17th n' 18th century brown was the color of the masses, or working class. The word brown comes from the Mediterranean word for coffee. There be many hues of brown, like bronze, chocolate, taupe, n' walnut.  Brown is made by combining red, black n' yellow together n' be popular with the military, as was easy to keep clean. The color be associated with stability, warmth, n' honesty.


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Gold/Yellow be the Color this Month

Hoist yar Colours!

Yellow is associated with brightness, enlightenment n' the sun.  It also be the color of envy, disease n' quarantine.  Gold is the metal the the Spanish made dulboon coins that Pirate's loves so much.  We carry a boat load of Yellow, Saffron, Gold n' Bronze pirate & wench garb n' accessories. Historically, yellow was first made with Saffron dyes, n' it would take 1000 tiny Saffron flowers to product just one ounce of saffron dye.  This made it a luxury item n' popular in the royal courts. Ships used a lot of brass n' bronze because it didn't rust or corrode like steel n' iron.

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Green be the Color of March

March be green month due to St Patty's Day. Saint Patrick be the patron saint of Ireland. He brought the Christian trinity through the use of the 3 leaf Irish clover, the shamrock.This be arrr grand collection of pirate garb in emerald green, forrest green, olive green n' kelly green.  

Green be the color of new life and the color of rebirth as week as decay n' jealousy. There be many a pirate from Ireland n' the Scottish Highlands, which may have worn kilts during special occasions in addition to regular sailor garb.  But there be more than green garb than just kilts!

Originally green dyes be made of fern, nettle juice or leeks, but in the 16th century they started mixing blue and yellow pigment to get green dye. As you can see we have a boat load of pirate n' wench garb in green to make a costume of all green or with green accents. View the Green Collection.

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Pirate Colour Series Continues with Red

You can have a splash of red or cover an entire pirate outfit of red at Pirate Fashions. Here be arrr huge collection of pirate n' wench garb in jolly, bloody n' crimson red. Other than black, red be the most popular color for harlots n' buccaneers.  Since antiquity, red has been the symbol of life n' passion.  Red cloth has been very expensive to dye, that be why it symbolizes wealth n'power. The dye is made of cochineal, an insect which feeds on opuntia, a prickly pear cactus plant. The Spanish imported it from South America starting in the 14th century.  King Louis loved the color so much he had his heels painted red, which started a fashion statement over all the courts in Europe. If ye looking to dress as Dead Red, Redd the Lady Pirate, or the Scarlet Pirate, we can help. View the Red Collection.

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Pirate Color Series Begins!

Hoist yar Colours! Pirates wore whatever they darn well pleased n' so can you.  Arrr line of pirate garb comes in a rainbow of different colors n' shades.  Each month we will feature a different color, with the first being the color of the sea n' sky.

We offer many different shades of blue such as royal blue, navy blue, tortuga blue, n' sky blue. Our Women's collection includes various styles and pieces needed for a complete outfit, like blouses, corsets, skirts, pants, hats, bandanas, hip scarves n' jewelry, all available in a lovely shade of azul.  Our Men's collection be just as expansive, there be plenty of shirts, coats, waistcoats, breeches, sashes, bandanas, hats n' socks that come in the color of the ocean.

The color blue be a rather flexible color, as it represents stability n' reliability as well as calmness or serenity, but could go the way of  'feeling blue', n' can reflect a more sad n' gloomy disposition. Europe started to import the Indigo dye in the 15th century from India. Blue became fashionable in the royal courts in the 17th century, then in the 18th century it became the most popular color for military unitforms.  Blue be also the color of France.


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