Pirate Fashions Opens in New Location On Dec 2, 2016.

So it now be official, we have finially gain freedom from the rich landholders and become one arrrselves.  We have a large new building to call home port.  It be a large warehouse in Drew Park. It is 5 miles away from our olde location on Kennedy Blvd.  It be only 3 blocks North of the Tampa Bucs Stadium and one block West of Dale Mabry Hwy, right behind the Mitsubishi Car Dealer. It be located on 4006 W Cuyuga St, Tampa, FL 33614 at corner of N Grady Ave.


It be in a 8000 sq ft metal building, but we are only using about 5000 sq ft of it now.  We wanted plenty of room, so we can grown and now have to move again.  This will be our 4 th building in 9 years.  We started out in a 280 sq ft unit in a small strip mall in St Augustine.  Now we are the largest physical pirate store in the world.  Aye, currently it looks like any other warehouse from the outside, but we have plenty of exciting plans for the building in the future, once we pay for the many moving and build out expensive.

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