The Magic of Themed Pirate Cruise


Cruise travel has continued to grow in popularity due to the great packaged deals they provide, including food, accommodations, transportation, n' entertainment; all encompassed in one price.  It's more bang fer yer buck, plus ye don't have to pack n' unpack yar baggage every time you visit a different location. The big drawback is you are on a huge ship with nobody you know other than yar cabin mate.

Themed Cruise travel such as food, wine, n' music themes have exploded in the past few years.  It allows guests to enjoy a certain hobby with others who share similar interests. Many times more popular themes such as "Star Trek," or "The Walking Dead," take up the entire ship.  Unfortunately, this too has a downside, as these big themed cruises can double the cost due to the expense for the additional entertainment. 

Arrr Pirate's Life Cruise is a small group of united brethren.  It be fer pirate loving souls who wish to seek new acquaintances in the pirating genre 'n rendezvous throughout the many dinners, shore excursions, n' specialty events.  We not be making any money off this cruise, so you are actually getting a better deal than a regular passenger because as a group, we be able to negotiate a Drink Package.

So, why arrrr we doing this cruise without a profit motive?  To have some fun, learn a bit about the hospitality business n' get to know arrrr customers better.  Unlike a Disney cruise, every night on arrr cruise will be a Pirate Night without kids! 

If ye have not signed up yar pirate-lovin' soul, (28 mates have joined the account already-we still have room fer more,) but want to know more about the cruise to the Caribbean, click below:

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