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Tiger's Adventures in Nepal

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Part 2 of Tiger trip to Asia. Nepal be one of the most holy places in the world.  There be a temple on every other block you walk by.  The temples can be small or huge with dozen of different gods and goddess.  The hand craft designs of each temple arr amazing. The richness of this world would make any pirate think he hit the motherload of riches.  However, Nepal is ranked as one of the poorest nations in the world.

I was told that you must be formally introduced by another Nepali to a business and slowly build a relationship to be able to do business with a Nepali company. They had traditions that must be observed. As a pirate, I don't really follow all the rules. I discovered a Women's Coop that employs 80 women who are victims of abuse, violence or poverty.  They are shunned by traditional society and must deal with dirty foreigners fer their livelihood.  Sounds perfect to me.  

They be dyeing beatufitully colored threads from Swiss-made dyes (because the Europeans they sell to have sensitive skin).  They had a number of hand loom in production.  I met a French girl who be apprenticing there to learn the secrets of the olde world, as everything is done by automatic machine in the new world. They were having a ceremony of peace and prosperity when I arrive, so they invited me into it. We discussed arrr first project together.

Walking about the streets of Kathmandu, I stumbled across a Fair Trade Store that represents 65 different tribes making local handy crafts. I made an appointment to meet with their productions staff.  They showed me their fabric stock, and production area of sewers, knitter, and felter. We discussed the design and production of pirate sashes woven of silk and nettle, a local fiber stronger than hemp. It will be a few months to get the sample for approval.

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