Show off yar Tampa team spirit with arrrr newly revised Buccaneer outfit showcasing the following:
• Swashbuckler Hat 
• Red Silk Bandana

​• Corsair Weskit in Black N' Pewter Gray
• Sea Wolf Shirt with Cravat in White
• Pirate King Tankard
• Merchantmen's Sash in Crimson Red Taffeta
• Black Medium Leather Pirate Belt with Fancy Buckle
• Boucanier Breeches in Black N' Pewter Gray

• Sea Dog Boots in Pirate Black

Also available be the Sea Worthy Outfit in the colors of Buccaneer Red N Gray.



Sometimes you just don't want to wear a complete pirate outfit, but ye be wanting to show off yar pirate spirit. This be a grand Gasparilla starter outfit.  Pirate Lite be perfect mix of authentic n' causal, yarrrr!  A pirate t-shirt plus a few accessories such as a hat, bandana, sash, belt and sock will do the trick. This be a great way to go, if ye be starting out with only a few doubloons in yar pocket or not that sure if this be the life style fer ye. Also check out Wench Lite

This be the outfit of a very successful pirate captain. Perfect fer formal occasions such a pirate balls or weddings. As opposed to the Woodes Rogers Outfit which be affordable, this one be our best made products.

When you need the perfect Mardi Gras Pirate Costume, here be a bountiful selection of pirate garb to reflect those famous tri-colors. In 1872 the Rex of King of Mardi Gras elected the official Mardi Gras colors to honor the visiting Russian Grand Duke Alexis Alexandrovich Romanoff, who's house colors were purple, green and gold.  

So if ye be going to New Orleans o' any other Mardi Gras celebrations, here be the perfect pirate clothing items to pick from. We have a special Mardi Gras Pirate Hat with feathers, a great gold waistcoat, green shirts; gold, green, or purple sash n' bandana.

Mardi Gras Pirate

Mardi Gras also be called Fat Tuesday, which be the last night of eating rich, fatty food before the ritual fasting of the Lenten season.  The first Mardi Gras parade held in New Orleans is recorded to have taken place in 1837. On Mardi Gras Day, the Tuesday before Ash Wednesday, the last parades of the season wrap up and the celebrations come to a close with the Meeting of the Courts. Mardi Gras is most popular in the US, where their be a French colonial heritage, which be from Pensacola, FL to Galveston, TX.

These are not cheap Halloween polyester costume in a bag, but good quality historic clothing (garb) that can be worn many times, so make the investment of something  you can be proud of, instead of throwing away after one use.

 Also check out our Women's Mardi Gras Wench Outfit, yarrr!!!!

In Volume 2, Issue 14 of the comic book Deadpool, he makes an appearance as a pirate.  He later appears in the Marvel Heroes Video Game as well.  The Pirate Fashions version of Deadpools Pirate Outfit be slightly different, yarrrr!  Also works great as a regular pirate outfit without the Deadpool mask!