Late Pirate Era Outfit

The look of the Late Pirate Era be much different from the earlier Golden Age of Piracy.  Instead of long frock coats, they cut of the front of the coat short and just left the tails.  The waistcoats also became much shorter n' the pants changed from short breeches to long trousers.  The hats went from Tricorns to Bicornes n' pistols went from long to short.

There be three major pirate time periods.  The early pirate period (1540-1690) can be divided into two sections the Elizabethan Sea Dog Era and then the Age of the Buccaneer.  The middle period be called the Golden Age of Piracy (1680-1740). The last time period be the Late Pirate Era (1770-1840), around the time of Napoleonic wars. Jean LaFitte be the most famous of pirates in this era. Privateers be very popular during this era.

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