Dressing Up for Pirate Night on Disney Cruise

Many guests aboard a Disney Cruise dress like a pirate or wench during Pirate Night.  If ye don't dress like a pirate, ye will be feeling cursed n' a bit left out!  Ye can dress like everyone else in a cheap halloween costume n' be average, or ye can be a rockstar n' stand out by wearing something more authentic.

We know that most men don't want to dress up, but pirates be where they can have a bit of fun. Here be three levels of pirate outfits fer a man or teen age boy. (Sorry no young kid outfits here but Disney does sell kid outfits on board the ship). They start more casual and go to really authentic, depending on yar style n' budget.

Pirate Lite


Sea Rover


 Stormy Captain


Here be three levels of wench or lady pirate outfits. We have many other outfits available, this just shows you the range of what can be done. Start out with the basic of a top n' bottom.  Add a corset fer the middle.  A hat tops of the outfit, but it's the many accessories such as hip scarves, bandanas, n' jewelry that transform an average outfit into a show stopper.

Wench Lite

$50 - 100

Tortuga Outfit


Port Royal Lady Capt


Remember that ye can't bring any metal weapons aboard a cruise ship. Ye might be able to get away with cheap plastic toy weapons, which they also sell on the ship.

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We are only about 1.5 hours away from the Magic Kingdom, so consider stopping by before a cruise. if ye can't stop by, just order on arrrr website.

We be the largest pirate store in the world n' get customers going on a Disney Cruise coming in almost every week.  Many folks that have been on a Disney Cruise say the first time they went, they didn't dress up much, but wanted to really get into it for their second trip. Everybody says the more dressed up ye be, the more fun ye be having. So live grand n' wear the most outrageous pirate outfit you can afford!