Black Sails Season 3

Well Black Sails has finished it's 3rd season n' be signed up fer another voyage.  Overall I have enjoyed the entire series, but I really think it has hit its strive this season.  They are finally battling the British instead of themselves.  They added some new characters such as Black Beard n' Woods Rogers.  They showcase run away slaves as a community of maroon, that is based on a real live woman called Queen Nanny, who lead a resistance group in Jamaica, that the English could not subdue.  I like that Long John Silver has stopped being a wimp, n' has stepped up to stronger leader.  The interaction between Charles Vane and Edward Teach proved to be quite interesting.  Black Sail be an interesting blend of fictional characters from Treasure Island, such as Billy Bones, Long John Silver n' Captain Flint with real live characters such Calico Jack Rackham, Hornigold, Anne Bonnie, Woods Rogers n' Black Beard.  There be a lot less sex this season, but the store line is so much better, arrrrrgh!

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