Complete Pirate n' Wench Kits

To show that we can supply any pirate or wench from head to toe, we set up two different complete kits. Many of the items we make arrrselves, so they not be available anywhere else.  

The men's kit be the Stormy Captain's Outfit with the Double Trouble Baldricfully loaded with black powder pistols n' blades, along with Pirate Treasure Beltwith a ship load of accountrements n' weapons. It be the hard to get accessories that make the outfit real.

The women's kit be the Nassau Lady Captain Outfit which showcases a fully customized Captain's Tricorn n' Boxum Bodice. Not to be outdone, the lady packs fire power with fashion with the blunderbuss, lace parasol n fan set.

Talk be cheap, so I hope that these photos show off the wide range of products that we carry at Pirate Fashions. No other company can supply garb, leather goods, custom hats, battle ready swords, foot gear, jewelry, drink ware,  black powder n' non-firing replica guns.

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