Pirate Fashions Introduces Arrrrrr Treasure Reward Program!

We be rolling out arrrrrr new Treasure Rewards Program.  Just click on the red tab on the left bottom of the page.  You will get 100 points just fer signing up, as well as for any purchases you make in the future.   If you refer a friend, they will get 100 point as well as you, when they make their first purchase.  We will be added new features as we go along.

The reward program works for both on-line as well as in store purchased, yarrrrr!  I know ye be wonder about all yar past orders?  Fer on-line order, just ask us in the shopping cart note section of yar next order, "Please add points for my past purchases!".  Fer in store customer, bring in yar old receipts or just wear yar outfit to the store n' we will give you credit fer it!  No other store in the new world will do this fer it's fine customers, but we arrrrrr pirate who don't follow the rules.


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