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Pirate Fashions Outfits

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Whether ye be a seasoned pirate or a first-time adventurer. All arrr Adventurers should learn about Arrr Pirate Fashions Tier System!

The first Tier be fer First Time Pirates n' Wenches! It be an affordable outfit n' a good foundation fer yar piratey endeavors! Both male n' female variations come with the basics: a top, a bottom n' a midriff piece such as a bodice or sash! These outfits run from $100-$200 typically.

The second Tier be an intermediate outfit! Fer arrr pirates n' wenches lookin' fer an upgrade from the first Tier ye will find a waist coat, footgear, leather goods, skirts, hats n' basic weapons. This be the Officer Tier when ye begin to establish yar clout as an adventurer, n' it typically runs at $200-$600.

The third n' final Tier be fer the Captains o' the Ship! This be the tier fer elaborate Frock Coats, Corsets, Boots n' a greater stash o' weapons! Though it be an advanced tier, there be no reason ye can't add onto yar Officer's Outfit! Sailors spend between $400-$1200 on a Captain's Outfit.

To make it even easier fer ye to find the outfit ye be lookin' fer we have two distinctive styles. A Gentleman can be Fancy fer a day ashore or Rough like the seas! Both fit neatly into the Tier System but establish a distinct aesthetic. Ye could have a Poor Rough Captain n' a Fancy Seaman.

Fer Arrr Ladies o' Fortune we have a Proper Look or a Sexy Look fer Tavern Hopping or attendin' the Governor's Ball! Regardless ye will be drawing the attention of many a rogue, friend or foe! Pickin' a style will help ye find what ye are lookin' fer more quickly in an easy to understand manner.

Usin' the Categories n' Style System ye are well on yar way to yar first pirate outfit or upgradin' yourself for a new adventure!

What ye see here is arrr "outfits" and not costumes. Instead of going with a cheap Halloween costume for one night ye have chosen the garb of a movie star or a high seas adventurer

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