Pirate Waistcoats n' Vests

The Waistcoat be the one item o' Pirate Clothing that separates the swabbies from the officers n' veterans o' the ship! They also be fine coats to have in yar wardrobe when the weather is heatin' up. A frock coat is the best pirate coat, but when plannin' for comfort AND style, we recommend one of Arrr Waistcoats or Vests.

The vest was a standard item o' clothing throughout the 1400's n' well into the 1900's as formal attire. The waistcoat itself was common from the 1600's to the 1800's. The rule fer telling when a waistcoat is from usually revolves around its length. The earliest versions of proper waistcoats were long, stretching down to the calves. But overtime ye can see them get shorter n' shorter. Durin' the later portion o' the Golden Age of Piracy the coats would go down to the mid-thigh, or possibly shorter.

In the late pirate era, waistcoats evolved into Weskits, which barely stretched past the hips. From there we get the normal vests that come about in the 1900's. Fer all yar piratical purposes, check out the Pirate Fashions selection o' Waistcoats! http://bit.ly/2nMXVfH

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