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Pirates Shirts of the Golden Age

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Havin' a good shirt is all part o' assemblin' the best pirate outfit! Arrr shirts be authentic to the 15th Century-18th Century. Prior to the Napoleonic Era, many shirts did not feature prominent collars, n' consistently they were long sleeved regardless o' the climate ye found yarself in.

They were also baggy n' loose. We still make'em this way to give ye the most authentic outfit. There were other drastically different fashion styles from this time period, it was normal fer men to have their own wigs n' heeled footwear. Heels fer example helped ye ride a horse, n' even if ye didn't have a horse it was in style partially fer that reason. Shirts would have as many ruffles as possible! To guarantee accuracy we have a large rack o' ruffly shirts fer yar outfit.

As far as shirts go, it be custom at Pirate Fashions to pick a Piratical Style- Rough or Fancy. We don't recommend goin' fer somethin' in between as the outfit pieces begin to clash.  The Rough look be good fer the pirate whose been lost at sea or down on his luck, while the Fancy Pirate wears their wealth n' consorts with governors. Ruffled shirts would be part o' the Fancy Pirate's Garb.

All of arrr clothing has its own washing instructions! Have a care when ye browse Arrr stock!

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