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Who's Taking Over the Ship?

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I know you all want to know more about who's taking over the ship n' what lies on the horizon, so here be some details about the two primary mates at the helm.


Devil May Come (Devin)


Florida born and raised, I grew up with a family that emphasized that doing what was ‘typical’ isn't the only choice: my parents encouraged my artistic endeavors and instead of team sports I dabbled in activities like fencing, archery, and horseback.  I spent my summers working with a blacksmith shop and printmaking, and later had a brief stint with stage combat at a medieval faire.  Enthralled by art and history, it became my goal in life was to ensure that I was able to put my hard earned artistic skill to use as a professional. 


After college I tried a few odd jobs, but in 2019 I found my place in Pirate Fashions as a shop assistant.  I quickly got involved in the leather department and eventually found myself managing the Leather Workshop while still assisting with the store floor and online sales.  During quarantine I self-taught myself how to program and use the CNC mill at work, and assisted Tiger on his Tiny Pirate Boat project.  Time flew by and eventually found myself managing the entire store.


With Captain Tiger Lee’s departure I have had some plans for new products and events in the works, as well as new ways to reach out to customers.  Trust that with my team and our years of experience here at Pirate Fashions, we will continue to provide customers with the service and garb that everyone has come to love but find ways to make the experience of shopping with us better than ever before.


Gypsy the Purser (Laurana)


I grew up in Alaska, where I spent my summers fishing and berry picking, and was a senior Corps de Ballet member at the Anchorage Ballet Company.  I was a skydiver with over 350 logged jumps, and have been sewing costumes for myself and others, as well as  attending costume conventions and Renaissance festivals my whole life.


Being down on my luck after the big housing crisis, in 2010 I  turned to a life of piracy as “Gypsy the Sailmaker”, where I set up our first sewing department in St. Augustine, FL, fondly deemed “The Sweatshop”, where I designed and sewed  clothing for Pirate Fashions.  In 2015, when Pirate Fashions moved to Tampa, I took over the accounting and have been the Purser of Pirate Fashions since that time.


We have an amazing Krewe here and we will continue to bring Pirate Fashions to even higher levels of success, with new products in the works, new social media ideas, and other exciting projects coming up.  I can’t wait to see what the future holds for us!

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