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Will Capt Jack Sparrow be replaced by Redd the Pirate fer POTC 6?

Last August, Disney announce that they will be doing a Pirates of the Caribbean 6. Even though POTC 5 was not a block buster hit like Disney would of liked, it still made more money than POTC 1.  Making almost $800 million is enough money to continue. They decided to cut the budget by $90 million dollar by keelhauling Johnny Depp n' replacing it with a female lead. The famous captain didn't really do much in the last movie other then be drunk n' cause much embarrassment to the East Indian Mouse Company.  

It is believed that the Redd the pirate who took over the controversial wench auction scene on the ride will be replacing Capt Jack Sparrow.  Rheet Reese n' Paul Wernick who wrote Deadpool will be tasked with writing the next script for the next POTC, but they have already jump ship. Emma Stone n' Jennifer Lawrence have been mentioned for the role.  It will be 2 to 5 year before we will see the next film in the series. There be more some talk of making it a TV series.

Redd is the only character from the POTC ride that be rooming the streets greeting fans n' providing photo opps. Disney has been slowly increasing the visibility of Redd with a merchandise line of t-shirts, pirate hats, wallet, back pack, pins, toy figure and mouse ears.  Remember that we be the original maker of thetreasure belt she wears, yarrr!

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