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Fresh Plunder! New Products at Pirate Fashions

Arrrgh! We constantly be bringin' in new clothing, gear n' weapons from Arrr adventures across the Seven Seas! Arrr Fresh Plunder section be the place we stock all of arrr ill gotten loot that we bring into port. 

Recently we have added authentic new Buckle Shoes, n' the Ducks Foot Percussion Pistol! 

Don't forget to also submit pictures o' yar new garb to Pirate Fashions so we can see yar adventures. http://bit.ly/2oXPmNT

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Pirate Fashions Swords

The Pirate Fashions Arsenal be stocked with many fine weapons! Chief among them bein' Arrr wide selection o' blades! We have three varieties o' swords fer ye to choose from: Battle Ready, Stage Combat n' Display.

Keep in mind maties... We avoid shippin' out o' the US like the plague due to trade regulations, even Arrr Replicas!

Fer those who merely need a decorative weapon we encourage ye to pick up a Display Sword. Most come with sharpened stainless steel blades, but these be purely fer show as they crack and snap easily. They still be a fine piece in a Pirate's Wardrobe, but ye have been warned! No sword fightin'!

Though much stronger, Arrr Battle Ready blades do not come to ye sharpened. They can be used fer sword fightin' but will break with extended usage. Pirate Fashions has two levels of Battle Ready swords ones made with a common 1045 Carbon Steel n' a much better 1085 High Carbon Spring Steel which be the stuff flintlock spring steel is made of.

The Top o' the Line Pirate Fashions Swords be the Stage Combat Swords, designed fer Theatrical Reenactments n' Stage Battles. These be heavy, thick blades- perfect fer extensive combat. They're guaranteed fer life n' we've never had one break! They be made from 5160 high carbon spring steel n' heat tempered, making them the most expensive type o' sword we offer, but also the most hardy!

Most Pirates need only grab a sheathed sword to intimidate a merchant crew to surrender, but in times o' battle the cutlass was an incredibly easy tool to use, though a difficult one to master. It was also short enough to make it maneuverable within the confines of a ship. Many sailors also used a very similar sword called the Hanger, but one weapon ye rarely saw was the famous rapier!

Rapiers were much too thin fer the tumultuous nature o' ship to ship warfare n' mass battle, bein' a much better sword fer a duelist.

Learn more about Arrr Swords on Arrr website! http://bit.ly/2nHUbYC

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