Pirate News

Super Bowl 55 interview from Spectrum News


With all the excitement surrounding this years Super Bowl, Spectrum News  Channel 9 reporter, Alese Underwood boarded Pirate Fashions to see what be happening in Drew Park.  Once we dressed yer up in a Crimson Red n' Pewter Group Lady Buccaneer Outfit, she understood the magic of 115 years of Gasparilla spirit. She took a look how we make leather products, tricorne hats and sew pirate garments.  To see the Bay Area Costume Designer Sailing Along Thanks to Super Bowl interview, click below! There be a second video at the bottom of the page to watch as well.

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Red N Gray Pirate Outfit for Tampa Football Fans

As talked about in the Channel 8 interview, Pirate Fashions be introducing an entire line of Red N Gray Pirate costumes for both mates n' wenches. Show yar support of arrrr fine Buccaneers who arrrr winning a lot more games now that a Patriot has turncoat to become a Pirate, yarrrr!  We have a wide range of outfits from affordable to over the top pirate garb in the Crimson n' Pewter colours of Tampa Bay' favorite Football Team.  These outfits make great Christmas Presents to Bucs Fans. We arrr only a few blocks north of Raymond James Stadium.

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