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Pirate News

Drinking Baldrics Pirate Fashions

Many Events outlaw the possession o' weapons, in response Pirate Fashions has created the drinking baldric so ye can remain armed with SOMETHING! This be perfect for arrr Mardi Gras Pirates who will need to go to battle armed to the teeth!

Baldrics themselves have been around in even the most basic forms since the Ancient World. The Roman Balteus (the plural be Baltei) was used by soldiers to carry thar weapons n gear.

Frequently they would be made with leather n' adorned with metals n' precious stones or both. Truly it adds to the look o' the prepared Buccaneer!

Pirate Fashions carries a Bottle Baldric, a Shooter Baldric n' Flask Baldric. All of'em can be layered to show other party goers ye came to party!

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