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Pirates and Swivel Guns

Pirate Fashions has its own supply o' Cannon for yar ships! When we talk about cannon it be important to remember that the second ye put'em on a ship they are henceforth referred to as guns. Take fer example the Swivel Gun! It's a small cannon that be designed fer ships n' gun emplacements.

Swivel Guns themselves be a convenient weapon, unlike their larger counterparts they were mounted on a stand or fork that allowed them to "swivel" n' turn in a wide arc. They were small enough that they could be taken ashore by a 2-3 man team, n' used in impromptu land based combat or fortifications. Ye could even mount one on a longboat as ye escape a ship or make your way to a hostile coastline!

A breech loaded gun could be fired in relatively rapid succession using canisters of prepared blackpowder n' projectiles called Mugs. One pirate could feasibly use a swivel gun independently to wreak havoc on sailors aboard enemy ships, they made deadly anti-personnel weapons fer tightly packed groups aboard a deck. A muzzle loaded swivel gun was still quite a force to be reckoned with!

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