Pirate News

Tiger be shipping off to the Isles of Sao Miguel!

Tiger Lee be embarking on his next endeavor, crafting an ideal retirement business on the Portuguese islands in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean called the Azores. He be creating a place where an olde pirate can live out their golden years, away from the chaos of the modern world. Fer more info on The Vila of the Golden Mermaid, visit: Solo Senior Coliving.

So what will happen to Pirate Fashions? No worries, the Captain be selling the business to the Loyal Krewe of Pirate Fashions. It will be a 12 year transitition to a Employee Owned Trust. Tiger Lee be coming back 3 times a year fer one month at a time fer the first few years, then will slowly wean himself away.

Devil May Come, the first mate, be taking hold of the helm with Gypsy the Purser at her side. The entire krewe be well trained to take over, as there be little turnover in arrrr tight knit band of scallywags.

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