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Pirate Fashions, Black Powder Weapons in Black Sails

On several occasions, Pirate Fashions has had the privilege of providin' firearms for several period piece shows. Recently the final season of Black Sails premiered on Starz n' ye maybe surprised that ye could find several o' the firearms seen on the show in arrr own hoard o' goods!

Captain Flint's own signature pistol be a Scottish Dag (or all steel pistol,) specifically a Murdoch Highland that appeared in the early 17th Century n' was found to be in use until the early 19th Century. It be a very realistic firearm to have on the show!

They were usually made with metal stocks. This made'em an ideal weapon in the rainy Scottish Highlands or on the rugged seas in the hands o' pirates, when a wooden grip could quickly rot away. To avoid rust, the weapon would have to be oiled n' cleaned on a fairly regular basis. Believe it arrr not, Pirates appreciated Order and Cleanliness! 

Arrr French Sea Service pistols were also Guests on the Show! They were issued to the French Navy in 1763 well after the events in Black Sails, but ye cannot deny that they were good looking pistols! 18th Century British and American soldiers n' private citizens appreciated them as well.

The French Holster Pistol was another guest n' it was also a period appropriate weapon! They first began to appear between 1675 n' 1700 in the hands o' Frenchmen across the seas. Though they were a common Pirate Pistol as well!

There be many details to these stories of how these Pirate Fashions pistols (n' other weapons as well) came to be featured in such a widely renowned piece of pirate media. But we couldn't tell ye the details, unless we made ye walk the plank! Browse the Pirate Fashions Website n' see where else arrr weapons have been featured!

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History of Captain Henry Morgan

Sir Henry Morgan best be known by his career with Captain Morgan Rum, o'er time this Legendary figure has been cultivated into one of the most widely recognized Pirates in Pop Culture. Most landlubbers may not know the story o' the original Cap'n Morgan who is in and of himself a Legendary Pirate!


The real Henry Morgan was believed to have been born around 1635 in Wales. Details on who he was before he became a Privateer be scant. It is believed that he became a captain in a British privateer fleet n' routinely raided Spanish Cuba in the 1660s. The English Governor of Jamaica had been on the verge of restricting privateer activity until he was realized how much of the colony's revenue was based on piracy.

By 1668 he had been promoted to Admiral n' had his own fleet of ten ships with 500 men to attack "Spanish ships at sea." Later another 200 French pirates joined him from the Port o' Tortuga! Periodically Morgan would have to mediate between the French n' his predominantly English crews. As an Admiral, he maintained discipline in order to achieve his private goals of plunderin' Spanish towns.


Morgan began a piratical campaign by sacking Puerto Principe, about 50 Miles inland in Spanish Cuba. The buccaneers were then inspired to attack Porto Bello (modern Panama.) The city was the third richest settlement in the Spanish Main n' was well fortified. Not only did Morgan capture the city, he was also able to ransom it back to the governor for a Fortune.

Morgan had only been authorized to attack Spanish ships, so he was publicly scolded by the British Governor. Unofficially Morgan had become a National British Hero. Morgan's continued actions eventually led to him being Knighted and he became a Lieutenant Governor of Jamaica- frequently acting as the governor. He received orders to eradicate Jamaican piracy, but instead he welcome privateers as long as they paid him the appropriate bribes. 

Pirate Fashions has made an outfit worthy of whichever Captain Morgan ye be dressing as!


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The Mardi Gras Pirate Wench

Mardi Gras Pirates n' Wenches! All be welcome! Ye will be the Saucy Queen of New Orleans with an outfit such as this! Resplendent in Green, Purple n Gold, laden with doubloons n' treasures!

This be the perfect time to go all out with yar outfit! Costumes are abundant at Mardi Gras Celebrations, historically speakin' they allowed carnival goers to escape the bonds of social class, identities and their associated constraints. Be who ye want to be this holiday! Especially if that be a pirate!

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Custom Tricorne Hats from the Brethren of Pirate Fashions!

Custom Tricorne Hats from the Brethren of Pirate Fashions!

Get yarself a proper n' custom Tricorne Hat! The Quintessential piece of the Pirate Ensemble!

Tricorne hats also be known as Cocked Hats, n' they be a pillar in any pirate's wardrobe! All arrr custom hats be made with 100% Wool and come in 8 Sizes with numerous options for Trims, Edgings, Feathers, Pins n' Accessories!

Cocked hats began to appear in the Mid 17th Century within the Spanish Military. By the end of the 17th Century, however the style of hat quickly gained popularity in the rest of Europe in both civilian and military fashion. Throughout the 18th Century it was a popular style choice and o' course that includes pirates!

In terms of functionality Tricornes be ideal fer redirecting rainwater away from the wearer and guttering it over the shoulders. Arrr's do not come with a sweat band as they be designed to be worn over a bandana. These arrr the ideal hats for pirates, buccaneers, rogues, privateers and sea dogs! Everything ye need to customize yer hat is available on arrr website!

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Pirate Fashions Introduces Arrrrrr Treasure Reward Program!

We be rolling out arrrrrr new Treasure Rewards Program.  Just click on the red tab on the left bottom of the page.  You will get 100 points just fer signing up, as well as for any purchases you make in the future.   If you refer a friend, they will get 100 point as well as you, when they make their first purchase.  We will be added new features as we go along.

The reward program works for both on-line as well as in store purchased, yarrrrr!  I know ye be wonder about all yar past orders?  Fer on-line order, just ask us in the shopping cart note section of yar next order, "Please add points for my past purchases!".  Fer in store customer, bring in yar old receipts or just wear yar outfit to the store n' we will give you credit fer it!  No other store in the new world will do this fer it's fine customers, but we arrrrrr pirate who don't follow the rules.


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Pirate Fashions visit Universal Studios

After Gasparilla, I like to reward my hard working krewe with a field trip to somewhere full of treasure, arrrrgh!  So we decided on Universal Studios in Orlando.  We dressed up in arrrr pirate garb with a bit of the Wizarding magic of Harry Potter.  It seem that all the theme parks are now outlawing costume fer adults.    After a lengthy discussion with the constable we persuaded him to let us in.

Here we be with Swabby Squarepants, who be wearing my pirate tricorn hat.  We have a bit of history together, as we provided Antonio Banderas, who plays a pirate in Sponge Bob 2 the Movie, with his sword n'baldric.


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New "How to Dress Like a Pirate or Wench" Guides


After much thought about how to help new landlubber join the brotherhood, we have developed two guilds to help out.  One be for the men to become pirates.  The other one be fer the ladies be become a lady pirate or wench.  The include photos of different categories of pirates, as well as a 12 step process about the best order to develop a complete outfit from head to toe.


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Gasparilla Extended Store Hours

It be the start of a new year n' the world largest pirate event.  So we have extended Tampa's largest pirate store from arrrrr traditional Fri to Sun hours.  We have expanded arrrrr parking lot, but it best to come down the back alley way to enter the shop. 

 Many mates ask us why we don't open everyday like traditional shops.  They answer be that we be pirates who don't do things like everyone else, yarrrrr!  The real reason be that we be busy making clothing, leather products n' black powder weapons.  If we were open everyday, we wouldn't have time to make any of that grand plunder.  The secret to getting the best plunder be to come early in the month.  If ye delay n' wait until the day before Gasparilla, ye will be treated to a madd house of desperate rogues n' wench bashing each other fer the last item in their size.  It is arrrrr busiest day of the year.

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Store Tour Updated

Avast lubbers, if ye had not been to Pirate Fashions store in Tampa fer a while, it has been update to double the amount of plunder that can be stored in the hull.  We had to do this to take care of the Gasparilla rush this year. Since opening last year, we have increase arrrr inventory by double in most departments.  So take a the Store Tour of the world's largest physical and on-line pirate store arrrrgh! We also knocked the building down next door, so we have 3 time more parking as well.

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Pirate Fashions Launches New Responsive Website

Pirate Fashions is be in its 6th year of operation.  When we started this website there be no shell phones looking at it, but now that a third of the traffic be on those magical devices, we have completed sunk the old website (GoLive) to dave jones locker.  This new responsive website (Shopify) automatically changes how it display based on the size of the viewing window.  

We will be adding lot of new features with time.  As with any major switch over there be bug n' mistakes, please sent us e-mail to notify us of any we have missed.

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