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Free Pirate Bandana DAY


First Citrus Bank be the choice of Pirate Fashions.  It has been the best bank this here pirate has used in his entire business career of 35 years.  They arrrr the first bank who cared enough to come visit my shop.  They got me two PPP loans during the Black Plague n' refinanced the mortgage on the building. They feature a different small local business to celebrate with a gift.

Well blow me down, they arrrr going to buy you a pirate bandana if ye walk into my shop on Dec 10, 2022 between 11am to 6pm.  No purchase necessary.  If ye get one of arrrr fancy silk bandanas which cost $25, you get $15 off the price.  Any bandana in arrr large collection be available:  https://piratefashions.com/collections/pirate-bandana, we will even have orange bandanas available fer the first time.  Sorry this offer doesn't apply on-line, on in the Tampa store.


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Pirate Fashions featured in A24 Florida! Book

A24, the art film studio who produced the movie  Everything Everwhere All at Once with Michelle Yeoh, also produces books.  They interviewed me about 2 years ago for a $50 art book called Florida!, that just came out last month.  It contains hundreds of unique places to visit in the pirates favorite state.

Gabrielle Calise interviewed me for this book n' also the Tampa Bay Times article. Overall the 3 page article does a great job of giving the history of the store n' some interesting facts behind the chest. 

I don't know why she didn't include any photos taken for the book.  What I didn't like was that it gave a price list of what a high end outfit would cost 'n then put it next to an old 1970 photo of three girls in cheap pirate outfit.  This misleads people into thinking that for $1236 you can get three horrible pirate costumes. Sometimes fortune come with misfortune, arrrgh!


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Is Pirate Fashions Environmentally Friendly?

We hate companies that Green Wash. Just like we hate companies that use the good name of Piracy fer personal gain only, when in fact they have nothing to do with piracy other than their company name has the word pirate in it for marketing purposes only.

It has been in arrr DNA to try to use materials that pirates used during the Golden Age, so 90% of the items we sell are made of cotton, linen, wool, silk, leather, bone, feathers n' metal.  Only a few items have nylon, such as arrr pirate flags and fishnet hosery.  Our corsets use cotton in the lining, steel in the boning, but polyester on the outside (as we have not been able to find a good source for cotton brocade. The Gasparilla throw bead are all plastic.  We don't sell any of those cheap Halloween costumes which are almost all made of petroleum products.  

Customer ask why my paper n' wood fan arrr so expensive, it's because they not be made of polyester n' plastic. Pirates arrrr looking fer fancy brocade Frock Coats, we don't have them because we can't find a natural version of them other than $80 - 120 per yard silk.  We have to settle fer a nice cotton DaMask fabric instead. We have experiemented with using bambo, hemp n' ramie fabric but they didn't work out.

Everytime we launder polyester fabric, we arrr washing millions of tiny microplastic particles into the wastewater which enter the rivers, oceans, drinking water and food chain. We arrr happy not to be a part of that issue.

Arrr biggest issue be all the plastic bags n' card board boxes we use to recieve n' ship plunder out in.  The entire retail industry doesn't have a solution n' either do we.  If you have a suggestion, me us know.

The other issue Pirate Fashions has be all the energy needed to transport product to arrr location.  One third of the products we sell are made right in our store (which is more that most retail shops), so we do save on transportation there, but we still need to buy arrr supplies from some where else. 

We don't market that we arrrr Green, but fer those pirate who care about the environment, we here at Pirate Fashions be doing arrr part!

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Piracy Returns in Next Generation, arrrgh!

The Golden Age of Piracy ending in the mid 19th century when Navys began partrolling the seas. If ye be wanting a long glass to peer over the horizon, this be the read fer ye. In Peter Zeihan's new book "The End of the World is Just the Beginning", he predicts the return of pirates, privateers and State backed piracy.  The United State has been the protector of the seas for the past 7 decades.  After many years of war in the Middle East, we arrr tired of policing the sand box.  We are now oil independant and will stop holding up the world order. 

It be only a matter of to time until some African, Middle Eastern or Asian country decides they need resources they don't have and takes a ship.  Or maybe they want to cause trouble for one of their rival nations by shooting an oil tanker.  The second that happens, the naval insurance rates will sky rocket and people will begin arming their cargo ships.  This was the way of the world for thousand of years before the end of WW2.  In 20 to 40 years, Peter predicts the come back of pirates, privateers and state backed piracy.

You will have to read the entire book to get all the interconnected details.  Overall I thought the book was well presented and it changed my view of what is possible for the world.  The author provides some well researched ideas on how demographics and geo-politics interact in a time of everything bubble popping.  The book made it to the NY Times Non-Fiction Best Sellers List the week after its release.

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How Black Beard Carried All Those Weapons!

Over the past decade, I have received numerous requests for a baldric/harness system to carry a surplus of weapons like Blackbeard.  I have studied what history says he wore, but most of what is available is based in hearsay n'  artist interpretation of what he may have looked like, all illustrated by those who have not actually have seen Edward Teach.  Each version looks different.  The difficulty in making an accurate weapons holding system that visually recreates what many artists have illustrated is that an artist can draw anything they like without having to consider the logistics of gravity n' actually having to carry around an armoury of weapons all day on them, while we have to consider what can be realistically worn on the body. 

I have crafted four different versions developed over time. There be a shipload of issues I have had to deal with, such as:
• Premade off the rack instead of custom made
• Fits different sized n' shaped individuals
• Easy to put on and take off by yarself
• Configured to carry different sizes n' types of weapons
• Comfortable n' durable to wear

I be happy to announce that I am finally content with the newest version that solves all these issues.  I was trying to solve the problem of our larger belts sliding down on men with larger bellies n' narrow hips, so I added suspenders to the Men's Treasure Belt.  Pirates didn't really wear suspenders, as they had not been invented yet, but we adjusted the look by adding holsters to the suspenders so they look ' operate like gun harness instead.  Using the "D" ring clip to connect accessories made the entire Black Beard Weapon Harness work.

Watch me draw, fire n' holster 6 pistols then draw a cutlass n' dagger all in under 30 seconds.


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Tiger talks on Local Business Panel

The Hillsborough County Entrepreneur Collaborative Center in Ybor City puts on a local business panel every other week. Hosted by Lynn Kroesen. This week's event focus on Asian America Entrepreneurs and Military Appreciation.  As I be both Chinese n' a former US Army Officer, this pirate fit in nicely.

The first topic I talked about how Pirate Fashions makes arrr plunder n' what real pirate clothing be called.  The second topic was how we deal with Gasparilla n' what we do fer the rest of the year.  The third question be how to run a business without sales or advertising, make great product in a niche. That last being about how I don't look like Capt Jack Sparrow. Lady Honrado-Rosal of 7th Sky be a master rum taster (sounds like a pretty good business) n' Lady Lavin of Luminary Global be a disaster preparedness bag business.

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Short Pirate Film: Mutiny!

Munity! be an Award Winning short film.  A 17 minute flick that be professionally done, it be quite entertaining with an engaging cast that reminds me a bit of Our Flag Means Death.  It has a kind n' considerate Captain that be much like Stede Bonnet, n' Mr. Phoebe be much like the deadly disguised female pirate Jim.

The creator, Matthew Gratzner, be originally from Miami. He was a tour guide on the HMS Bounty n' worked at the Renaissance Festival.  In 1995, he moved to LA to become a film maker.  He personally made all the costumes n' props, including the long boat, n' shot it in its entirety in two days in the summer of 2019. I wish I could say I was involved with this production, but perhaps in the future may the time come that Gratzner wishes to produce more content of this fine caliber. The story is a subtle social commentary on today's divisiveness and tribalism told as an action adventure comedy using 17th century pirates.

Gratzner is working on developing Mutiny! into a 8 episode series.  He is pitching it in hope a studio will pick it up.  I do hope we do see more of his series in the future, as we alway need more pirate entertainment, arrrgh!  Click the link to watch the short film.

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Netflix: The Pirates, The Last Royal Treasure

Available on Netfixs on March 2, 2022.  This be a sequel to director Jeon-hoon Kim's 2014 film, The Pirates.  This South Korean action adventure has lots of action n' comedy.  

At its core, the story revolves around two factions who have united with the shared goal of finding royal treasure. There are the pirates, led by the steadfast, tactical Hae-rang (Han Hyo-joo), and the bandits, who are spearheaded by the brash, eccentric Moo-chi (Kang Ha-neul), who also happens to proclaims himself “Goryeo’s best swordsman.” Together, they’re a mildly dysfunctional group, a point emphasized by their constant in-house quarrels and first act hints of potential betrayal, but a team with undeniable skill. 

My biggest pet pea is their use of a Spanish Galleon Ship in the 1580's to represent Korean Pirates of the 1380's.  I guest even Korean audience are so used to watching Pirates of the Caribbean, they won't recognize it as a pirate ship unless it looks like the Black Pearl.

All in all, The Pirates: The Last Royal Treasure is a silly, breezy watch. It may lack in many areas, but for those looking to pass the time without having to do too much thinking, this movie comes recommended if ye be the type that want to watch anything pirate.

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Status of POTC 6?

In 2017, POTC 5: Dead Men Tell No Tales did well enought to have Disney decide on continuing their pirates franchise with a new installment.  In 2018 they got Deadpool writer Rhett Reese & Paul Wernick to begin to pitch concepts for a reboot.  A year later they hired Ted Elliott (writer for POTC 1 & 4) and Craig Mazin (Chernobyl) to take over.

There be little concrete info about the new film, but many rumors. Disney Film Production Chief, Sean Bailey, said that Johnny Depp will not be a main feature of the next film.  Despite this, he my be refered to or have a small cameo shot.

The big rumor is that it may feature Redd the pirate, which originally was the red headed wench from the amusement park ride, who they turn into a female pirate after political correctness police visited the East India Mouse Company in 2018. Margot Robbie (Harley Quinn) or Karen Gukkab (Jumanji) have been considered fer the lead.

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Our Flag Means Death

Shiver me timbers, finally the first new Pirate TV series since Black Sails ended 5 year ago.  HBO Max will be streaming this series starting in March.  Our Flag Means Death be loosely based on the true adventures of Stede Bonnet (played by Rhys Darby), a pampered arisocrat who abandons his life of privilege to become a pirate.  This comic series also stars Academy Award winner Taika Waititi as Blackbeard, history's most feared n' revered pirate.  I can't wait to watch it, yarrr!

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