Pirate News

Tiger be shipping off to the Isles of Sao Miguel!

Tiger Lee be embarking on his next endeavor, crafting an ideal retirement business on the Portuguese islands in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean called the Azores. He be creating a place where an olde pirate can live out their golden years, away from the chaos of the modern world. Fer more info on The Vila of the Golden Mermaid, visit: Solo Senior Coliving.

So what will happen to Pirate Fashions? No worries, the Captain be selling the business to the Loyal Krewe of Pirate Fashions. It will be a 12 year transitition to a Employee Owned Trust. Tiger Lee be coming back 3 times a year fer one month at a time fer the first few years, then will slowly wean himself away.

Devil May Come, the first mate, be taking hold of the helm with Gypsy the Purser at her side. The entire krewe be well trained to take over, as there be little turnover in arrrr tight knit band of scallywags.

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Pirate Fashions First Annual Formal Ball

The first annual Pirate Fashions Formal Ball was a grand success! All who attended where finely dressed in their pirate best, n' we danced the night away to the tune of Rusty Cutlass with Caribbean Pearl orchestrating 3 period dances of the Black Nag, Virgina Reel n' the Spanish Waltz. The dance rehersals prepared many fer these dances, but there was still much silly antics n' fumbled steps keepin' the mood light on the dancefloor. Wild Rover provided amazing food n' great service to our attendees, n' we have many photos we're currently editing to be released in batches though or social media, so any who be interested keep a keen eye peeled fer posted by Pirate Fashions on Facebook. Anyone who may have attended can reach out n' forward any photos they have posted so we can share them on our page. We heard from many couples that they can't wait until next years ball, which we already have in the works!

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How Real Is It? Pirate Historian Rates 8 Pirate Battles in Movies & TV.


I just watched Rebecca Simon, a piracy Historian, rate pirate battles for realism as part of the Business Insider's YouTube series "How Real Is It". They have hundreds of topics they cover, such as how real are submarine movies. A while back I was contacted because Buisness Insider wanted to use a small segment of one of my Youtube videos on how to load and fire a flintlock pistol.

Overall the video is pretty good n' most of the information be correct, but not all of it; At one point Simon notes cutlasses being made for poking n' not slashing, which isn't quite accurate as that is much more true of rapiers than of cutlasses n' hangers. Despite some of the scewed information n' ratings I don't fully agree with, Simon is a well established historian within the community n' has many publications, including books and articles. I personally also think Buisness Insider could of used much better props for discussing the topic, instead of the cheap Elope foam hats and wall hanger swords.

In this video Simon covers Pirates of the Caribbean, Black Sails, House of Dragon, Treasure Island, Our Flag Means Dead, n' One Piece.


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Dolly Parton's Pirate Vovage in Florida

I have watched the Pirate Voyage Dinner in Myrtle Beach several times. I would say that it be the finest live pirate show out there.  Pirate Fashions have even provided some props n' clothing fer their fine show.  Dolly Parton opened a second on in Pigeon Forge a few years ago as well. They just broke ground on the third location at Pier Park in Panama City Beach in May 2025. Dolly said the show will feature pirates, mermaids, exciting acrobatics, pyrotechnics and even a few songs she wrote.

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Introduction of the Lady Pirate Court Gown

After 6 years of stop n' start development, it finally be available. The Formal Lady Pirate Court Gown Outfit be perfect fer any formal event of the 18th century.  It be made up of many components, with the Custom Ladies Formal Gown being the key. Decide if you want to color coordinate with your partner. You can have many different looks by changing your stomachers, petticoat n' accessories. There be 3 styles to wear this gown: Spanish, French or Polish.

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Last Pirate Event fer Pirate Fashions

Join us at Cedar Key Pirate Invasion on Nov 3 to 5 fer Pirate Fashions last outside event.  This be arrr 6th n' final year of vending at this fun event.  Due to changes to our store n' increase of labor cost, we can no longer keep enough staff to run arrr full time retail store n' vend at outside events, so instead we arrr redirecting our focus to putting on arrr own events instead.  Announcements and further information will be on next months newsletter.

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Pirate Themed Entrepreneurs Organization Nerve Convention


About 18 years ago I got pulled into Piracy when my friend Ted Shred of Pirates for Hire asked me to dress n' shoot pirates fer a pirate themed business convention.  This October we returned to our roots n' helped decorate n' provided a pop-up store in the JW Marriott in Tampa Bay fer the EO Nerve Convention 2023.  The Entrepreneur' Organization evolved from the Association of College Entreprenuers group, which I started the Arizone State University branch a very long time ago.  For this event we provided pirate ships, cannons, a treasure chest, n' a few other fun props n' garb fer sale to get everyone in the pirating mood.  I also gave an hour talk about pirate weapons, how to talk like a pirate n' the economics of piracy.  The event ended in a big bash, attended by conference goers, our very own Pirate Fashions Krewe, n' the Notorious Krewe of the Peg Leg Pirates.

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Review of Netfix's Pirate Series: One Piece

I have known about One Piece the manga series fer a long time, but could never get into it because the silly looking outfits of the main characters.

But since owning a pirate store, I must explore everything pirate, so I watched the Netflix series.  I was a big anime fan before becoming a pirate.  I have not read any of the 1000+ chapers of manga, nor warched tghe 1000+ episodes of anime,15 movies or any of the video games.

In the begining it seemed a bit dumb, but the more I watched the more I got connected with the characters. I love when a team gets pulled together. I did admire the captain's comitment to his krewe.  Each epidsode introduced a new character and reveals their backstory.  The production value was great, along with the acting.  It be worth the watch fer Luffy n' the Staw Hat Pirates, if you don't take it too seriously.


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