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Tiger takes his Krewe on a Cruise!

After a record Black Flag Friday from this years Gasparilla, Tiger Lee rewards his hard working krewe with a cruise aboard the Margaritaville at Sea.  It be the only cruise ship that has weekday cruises, since we can't close arrrr retail store on the weekends.  All other cruise lines leave on saturday.  Normally I treat my krewe to a day at the East Indian Mouse Company (Disney World), but this year I decided to do something better.  It cost less to spend 2 days at sea than one day at the Holy Rodent Empire.

Since Jimmy Buffet wrote a book called "A Pirate Looks at 50", I figure a cruise line run by a drunken pirate would be OK.  We cruised over to Freeport, Bahamas to visit the new Bahamas Maritime Museum.  It featured the recovered plunder from the Nuestra Senora de las Maravillas which sank in 1656. 

We pirates ate, drank n' partied like it was 1699. It's not the Queen Mary, but it was a fun little 2 day cruise.  

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WFLA News interview Tiger Lee for Gasparilla

Jennifer Leigh Spann, the weather anchor fer Channel 8 news comes to Pirate Fashions to be transformed from weather girl into a lovely lady pirate.  This interview we featured Golden Mermaid Tiny Pirate Ship n' the 3 time periods of piracy.  Gasparilla be the 3rd largest parade in the USA, this be held on Saturday, Jan 28, 2023 this year.  She assure me that this year will be warmer than last year's frigid one, but still a bit chilly.

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Pirate Fashions walks Gasparilla Parade

This year, Tiger Lee n' Devil May Come walked the entire parade staging area to get new photos to update arrr Gasparilla Krewe Book of costume requirements.  This year we bumped into Ric Flair, the Grand Marshal of this 2023 Gasparilla.  He was 2 time WWE hall of famer and Tampa resident.  We spend arrr time helping krewe members with corset and sash to insure they looked their best for the parade.  During the parade we search out any pirates wearing Pirate Fashions garb to give them the PF Coin specialty beads.

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Bay News 9 visits Pirate Fashions

Arrr 4th interview of the Season, be with Brian Rea of Spectrum News.  He focus on the design and production aspects of Pirate Fashions instead of the standard dress up n' transformation of a landlubber.  We go upstair n' interview the sewing manager, Billy Bobbin.  Watch the interview here.


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Pirates visit Hamilton

Taking my hard working krewe before the coming Gasparilla storm! Great play, even a pirate would enjoy.  Just watch out fer the on-line ticket seller, who be the real pirates of today, arrrrgh! Just take off yar sash n' bandana n' ye can instantly transform yar pirate garb into a colonial outfit.

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All about Pirate Bandana

Get a free Bandana by visit Pirate Fashions retail store on Dec 10.  Wear a bandana as a sign of good luck fer all scallywags. 

Bandana arrr also called kerchief, wild rag, bandannoes, head scarf or oramal.  They originated in India, from the hindi word "bandhna", which mean "to tie".  It also be called a neckerchief, when worn around the neck, the poor man's substitute for a neck cravat.  When sewing in a cap shape, it be called a "Do-rag".  In colonial America, bandana were sometimes printed with maps as guides for travel. 

Pirate worn bandana to keep the seat from the eyes of laboring deckhand.  Many people don't want to wear anything on their head, as modern life doesn't require it anymore.  But 300 year ago it was considered improper to go outside without some kind of head covering.  Going without a bandana and sash, will make you look like a colonial instead of a pirate.  As they both wear the same puffy shirt, knee breeches, tricorne hat, boots n' weapons.

Most modern bandana are 22 inch square pieces of fabric.  The key to a beautiful pirate bandana is showing long flowing tails from the front n' back.  Watch video on how to properly tie a bandana.  Arrr bandana are large 52x34x34 inch triangles in solid color cotton, linen, silk and actual calico from India. Cotton be an common affordable fabric, linen be strong n' good at absorbing sweat, silk has brilliant colors, calico is printed. 

Calico is printed cotton cloth from Calicut, of South India, now called Kerala.  It was block printed with floral patterns. They started making the calico cloth in the 11th century.  The Ottoman Empire traded in the cloth in the 15th century. East India Company imported in great quantities in the 17th century.  Captain Jack Rackham commonly work the fabric, where he became commonly known as Calico Jack.

Pirate arrr "both and" not "either or"!  This mean pirates worn both a bandana n' a tricorne hat.  You do this because you can not wash a hat, so you want to sweat into something you can wash.

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