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Pirate Colour Series Continues with Red

You can have a splash of red or cover an entire pirate outfit of red at Pirate Fashions. Here be arrr huge collection of pirate n' wench garb in jolly, bloody n' crimson red. Other than black, red be the most popular color for harlots n' buccaneers.  Since antiquity, red has been the symbol of life n' passion.  Red cloth has been very expensive to dye, that be why it symbolizes wealth n'power. The dye is made of cochineal, an insect which feeds on opuntia, a prickly pear cactus plant. The Spanish imported it from South America starting in the 14th century.  King Louis loved the color so much he had his heels painted red, which started a fashion statement over all the courts in Europe. If ye looking to dress as Dead Red, Redd the Lady Pirate, or the Scarlet Pirate, we can help. View the Red Collection.

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Interview with Ch 8 about Dressing Swashbucklers for Super Bowl Sunday


This morning Daisy Ruth of News Channel 8 came to interview Tiger Lee of Pirate Fashions about how Tampa Bay Bucs fans arrr dressing up in the Crimson Red n' Pewter Gray buccaneers outfits for Super Bowl 55.  We had to transform her from a news reporter into a lusty buccaneer wench, might fine she be looking!  Watch the Yarrr fer the Bucs, Wear a Pirate Outfit chant on this news segment.

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Super Bowl 55 interview from Spectrum News


With all the excitement surrounding this years Super Bowl, Spectrum News  Channel 9 reporter, Alese Underwood boarded Pirate Fashions to see what be happening in Drew Park.  Once we dressed yer up in a Crimson Red n' Pewter Group Lady Buccaneer Outfit, she understood the magic of 115 years of Gasparilla spirit. She took a look how we make leather products, tricorne hats and sew pirate garments.  To see the Bay Area Costume Designer Sailing Along Thanks to Super Bowl interview, click below! There be a second video at the bottom of the page to watch as well.

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Pirate Color Series Begins!

Hoist yar Colours! Pirates wore whatever they darn well pleased n' so can you.  Arrr line of pirate garb comes in a rainbow of different colors n' shades.  Each month we will feature a different color, with the first being the color of the sea n' sky.

We offer many different shades of blue such as royal blue, navy blue, tortuga blue, n' sky blue. Our Women's collection includes various styles and pieces needed for a complete outfit, like blouses, corsets, skirts, pants, hats, bandanas, hip scarves n' jewelry, all available in a lovely shade of azul.  Our Men's collection be just as expansive, there be plenty of shirts, coats, waistcoats, breeches, sashes, bandanas, hats n' socks that come in the color of the ocean.

The color blue be a rather flexible color, as it represents stability n' reliability as well as calmness or serenity, but could go the way of  'feeling blue', n' can reflect a more sad n' gloomy disposition. Europe started to import the Indigo dye in the 15th century from India. Blue became fashionable in the royal courts in the 17th century, then in the 18th century it became the most popular color for military unitforms.  Blue be also the color of France.


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Red N Gray Pirate Outfit for Tampa Football Fans

As talked about in the Channel 8 interview, Pirate Fashions be introducing an entire line of Red N Gray Pirate costumes for both mates n' wenches. Show yar support of arrrr fine Buccaneers who arrrr winning a lot more games now that a Patriot has turncoat to become a Pirate, yarrrr!  We have a wide range of outfits from affordable to over the top pirate garb in the Crimson n' Pewter colours of Tampa Bay' favorite Football Team.  These outfits make great Christmas Presents to Bucs Fans. We arrr only a few blocks north of Raymond James Stadium.

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How Business arrr effected by Gasparilla delayed!

Due to the Black Plague of Covid19, Ye Mystic Krewe of Gasparilla n' EventFest made an Announcement today, Monday, Nov 23 at 3pm, to push back the Children's and Day Parade from January to April 10th and 17th.  Mardi Gras have not cancelled the event, but did cancelled all the parades. 

Channel 8 News called me today to do an interview about How local businesses will be effected by the postponement of Gasparilla. Melanie Michael dropped by the store for an interview. She had never been to the store n' stayed a lot longer than necessary. We got into the discussion about arrr Line of Red n' Gray Pirate Outfits if the Tampa Bucs goe to the Super Bowl.  Here be a link for Plague Survivor shirts.


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Pirate Business During the Plague

9 months ago I be planning on building a mini pirate theme center that included a pirate restaurant, bar, hotel, game center, n' store. I hired a feasibility consultant n' be ready to put a bid on some land next to the water.  

Niche pirate business' be based on folks buying quality pirate clothing.  People only buy pirate clothing if they have an event to wear it to, so what happens to a business when there are no longer any events to go to?  Pirate clothing be not an essential business, but we survived April by making plague mask, though it only took two months before that market was saturated by China n' every other business on the entire 7 seas.  

I promised my staff that I would not make any of them walk the plank, which was easy to do when we thought the plague would be over by summer.  Now that we're beyond twice that in time n' it be looking like this plague may not end until next fall, it be a lot harder to keep that promise! 

I started building an 8 foot pirate ship as hobby project during the slow plague season n' I found I like building boats, as any old sea dog would.  Making commercial boats be much more difficult than making pirate clothing, n' so I found a partner with experience in making boats.  I have since spent the entire summer building out arrrr space so we can make boats.  We also just spend 4 days learning to build production boats from a master boat builder.  There be tons of problems that must be solved in order for us to get this product to market.  

In the meantime, I continued to watch arrr business get smaller and smaller, n' I had to do something that didn't cost a lot of money. On Talk Like a Pirate Day, I started a live shopping program called the Pirate Plunder Show, which be a 45-60 minute live show on Facebook every Sunday at 5 pm EST. I was a professional photographer who be much more comfortable behind the camera, instead of in front of it, but a captain must do what he can to keep his ship afloat. 

I am continuing to create new designs, as a fashion business must alway have new products. 3 months ago I placed orders with arrrr factories in India for products we will need 3 months from now, but I remain unsure if the largest pirate event of the year, Gasparilla, will occur next year.  If it doesn't, we may be sunk. If it does happen, will it be 25%, 50%, or 75% of normal?  If I guess wrong we may also be sunk. A pirate's lifebe an adventure, which be rarely predictable.

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Halloween Fiestas during Covid-19

Brenda Brito of the local Spanish TV Station 49 Telemundo featured Tiger Lee n' Pirate Fashions in her piece on Halloween Events during the current Black Plague. She interview one of arrr Hispanic customers. View video at 0:45-1:18, Halloween is not Cancelled! https://www.telemundo49.com/coronavirus-local/todo-listo-para-disfrutar-de-halloween-en-temporada-de-pandemia/2023263/

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Introducing the Pirate Plunder Show

On Sept 19, 2020, Talk Like a Pirate Day, we broadcast our very first live shopping event.  It went well so Pirate Fashions will begin hosting our 45 to 60 minute Pirate Plunder Live Streaming Shopping Show starting on Oct 4, Sundays at 5pm EST

Live Shopping is basically taking QVC n' putting it on the web.  In China, live shopping is already a $60 Billion business. In the US, Amazon, Facebook, Instagram n' Youtube have already started live streaming projects.  It be only beginning to grow in the US, but we pirates alway be on the cutting edge of taking in money.  

Instead of offering fake sales n' pressure cooking limited inventory to force viewers into buying product, we plan on selling by educating the viewer via interactive question n' answer sessions, showing off our products honestly n' allowing our customers to make informed purchases.

Click here to watch

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Pirate Sword Line featured in 2nd Live Stream Event


Last's weeks Live Shopping Event on Talk Like a Pirate Day when well, so Pirate Fashions be continuing the weekly live stream event on Saturday at 4PM EST .  Last week we featured how to dress a man as a pirate n' a lady as a pirate wench.  This week we will focus on our in house line of Pirate Swords n' Knifes for men.  For the ladies we will demonstrate how hike up yar skirt to give different looks to an outfit.  We will continue the most popular feature of letting customers ask question about any of the plunder we carry. Click here to watch, or ye be cursed!

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