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Pirate on the Tonight Show

What's Behind Me? with Jessica Alba on May 6, 2021 of The Tonight Show staring Jimmy Fallon, Season 8 Episode 137.  We were excited to receive an order from the Tonight Show for a pirate outfit.  We didn't have the burgundy waistcoat instock, so they ended ordering a horrible coat from someone else.  They didn't ask arrr help in coordinating the outfit, as we would of done better.  The phase was a Pirate Shampooing his hair with Nacho Cheese, which they got.


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Brown be the May Colours

Hoist yar Colours!Brown be the color of earth, wood n' home.  During the 17th n' 18th century brown was the color of the masses, or working class. The word brown comes from the Mediterranean word for coffee. There be many hues of brown, like bronze, chocolate, taupe, n' walnut.  Brown is made by combining red, black n' yellow together n' be popular with the military, as was easy to keep clean. The color be associated with stability, warmth, n' honesty.


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Facelift of Pirate Fashions Entrance

Aye, aye I do spend a lot more effort on the inside of the building vs the outside. After 4 year at arrr new warehouse store, the front finally got a facelift.  After the wind battered the canvas top, the wasp ate away at the wooden guard railing and the sun faded the front banner.  So I put in a new steel guard rail, a metal awning, and made a new sign with arrr cnc machine.  

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Rusty Parrot Opens in St Martin

Last month I had a lovely couple come by who I got the chance to dress up as pirates.  I discovered that they be from a Caribbean island called Saint Martin, a half Dutch, half French island.  They just opened up a place called The Rusty Parrot.

They told me that arrived on the island 8 years n' imagined what life was like during the Golden Age.  Their goal originally was to build a Pirate Museum, but it evolved into a immersive multi-media experience that tells the story of Jack Rackham.  They be very brave souls opening up this venture during the black plague, so if ye be in the area, go board them!

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Wrestlemania Pirates!

The WWE contacted Pirate Fashions to dress up their two top stars as pirates.  Last year WrestleMania 36 got taken away from Tampa, due to the Black Plague.  Last minute they switched it to TV only show from Orlando.  WrestleMania 37 was suppose to be held at SoFi Stadium in Inglewood, but California wasn't allowing for any large public events, so they switch it to Raymond James Stadium in Tampa.  The WWE built a second pirate ship in the Tampa Stadium.  The day before they call us up to dress up their two host up as pirates.  Hulk Hogan n' Titus O'Neil both be large guys, but we had no trouble fitting them out from arrr large selection, as we have fitted out Tampa Bay Football Players as well.

On night two of WrestleMaina, Hulk n' Titus open the show wearing are garb. It was great seeing them in pirate outfit as it tied into the buccaneer theme. Hulk Hogan got booed while on stage, not because he dress like a pirate, but because some fans still dislike him for the racial comments he made on video in 2015, which got him kicked out of the WWE for 3 years. I guess there alway be a few that hate pirates.

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Gold/Yellow be the Color this Month

Hoist yar Colours!

Yellow is associated with brightness, enlightenment n' the sun.  It also be the color of envy, disease n' quarantine.  Gold is the metal the the Spanish made dulboon coins that Pirate's loves so much.  We carry a boat load of Yellow, Saffron, Gold n' Bronze pirate & wench garb n' accessories. Historically, yellow was first made with Saffron dyes, n' it would take 1000 tiny Saffron flowers to product just one ounce of saffron dye.  This made it a luxury item n' popular in the royal courts. Ships used a lot of brass n' bronze because it didn't rust or corrode like steel n' iron.

View Gold Collection

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Review of The Lost Pirate Kingdom

Just finished watching the 6 episodes of Netflix's documentary, The Lost Pirate Kingdom.  It focuses on the port of Nassau and the famous pirate that surrounded it during the Golden Age of Pirates.  It was very much based on the book "Republic of Pirates" by Colin Woodard.  Of all the documentaries about piracy, this would be the best I have seen, it be longer and better predicted than any other.  It has great pacing, as you never get bored.  They have way more recreation vs expert commentary, which is the reverse of most documentaries, as Netflix's has a bigger budget than most.  This is no Hollywood big hundred million dollar A list movie, but it be a good few nights entertainment.  The story is clear and the actors did a good performance.

The thing I didn't like the most the cheesy pirate ship, especially how the sails flap in the wind is very unrealistic.  It's good to see that use the smaller sloop, instead of just larger frigates and galleons. The didn't go into the ships, weapons or tactic used by pirates, because they focused on personalities and politics.  They used cheap Denix non-firing replica pistols instead of real black powder pistols. The first half of the series was great, but the second half as not so good as when they put computer graphics firework sprinklers in Blackbeard's beard instead of slow match. The tale of Blackbeard's Demise was pretty inaccurate.  I don't believe that Anne Bonny sleep with Hornigold or Teach.  Captain Vain's pirate coat had lapels didn't come in fashions for another 50 years - of course I am going to notice as I make pirate garb for a living.  They did repeat scene a few time was annoying. Lot of little deal they got wrong, but overall the major things they got mostly correct.

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Netflix's The Lost Pirate Kingdom Documentary Series

It's been slow fer pirate's lately, no pirate events or programs.  There be a bit of hope on the horizon with the new trailer about Netflix's pirate documentary, which be airing on March 16, 2021. It looks like a standard History Channel-like documentary, with dramatized re-enactments along with experts n' academics explaining the history.  I would rather they spend some doubloon on a high end pirate series instead, but it be better than an empty rum barrel. No idea about how many episodes this pirate series will be.

Watch Trailer


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Green be the Color of March

March be green month due to St Patty's Day. Saint Patrick be the patron saint of Ireland. He brought the Christian trinity through the use of the 3 leaf Irish clover, the shamrock.This be arrr grand collection of pirate garb in emerald green, forrest green, olive green n' kelly green.  

Green be the color of new life and the color of rebirth as week as decay n' jealousy. There be many a pirate from Ireland n' the Scottish Highlands, which may have worn kilts during special occasions in addition to regular sailor garb.  But there be more than green garb than just kilts!

Originally green dyes be made of fern, nettle juice or leeks, but in the 16th century they started mixing blue and yellow pigment to get green dye. As you can see we have a boat load of pirate n' wench garb in green to make a costume of all green or with green accents. View the Green Collection.

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Gasparilla Cancellation effect local business

On Feb 16, the YMKG announced that 2021 Gasparilla be canceled due to the pandemic, Spectrum News  Channel 9 reporter, Trevor Pettiford boarded Pirate Fashions to see how it would be effecting this small local business.  He quoted be as saying "It's like swimming in the ocean with a hook and peg leg. And then, now this new announcement, it's like adding a an anchor on."Support this local business with home decor of a Pirate Sign.

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